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How Can I Combine Supplements Safely?

Jun 19, 2018

How Can I Combine Supplements Safely?

You have taken the plunge and are going to dedicate yourself to a newer, healthier you. Or, you have decided to check out everything the supplement world has to offer. Either way, you now have a huge variety of supplements to choose from with an even bigger variety of benefits and need to decide which ones to take. The amount of choice can be bewildering, and yet you don’t want to limit yourself to just one. But combining supplements is not always the best thing, depending on what they are. Read on to find out how you can make the right choices and combine your supplements safely.

Some Caveats

The information contained here is for anyone who is going to begin combining supplements, whether a novice or advanced supplement user. Supplement safety should always be considered, and no matter how educated you are about it, none of the information you read should ever trump the opinion of a medical professional. After all, they may have access to a much higher and specialized level of information than is available publicly, and will most likely have a greater understanding of the interactions between different supplements and how they will affect your body.

Research and Plan

First things first, research, research, research. Begin with a plan of what you want to achieve. Having trouble sleeping, and it seems like you have a foggy memory all the time? Turmeric and Ginger come to mind right away. Need to detox and lose some weight?

Acai and digestive enzymes may be the answer. But you have to choose what will be right for you, and work your way up from there. Make a list of your problems, and look for some of the things you want to achieve. Obviously, if you are in your twenties, anti-aging supplements are most likely not going to be as attractive to you as they will be if you are in your forties. The same holds true for people with iron stomachs and digestive tracts as compared to those with more delicate ones… digestive enzymes may not be the answer for the first group. Regardless, make sure you list what you want to achieve, and then look for supplements which are complementary. Those that do the same thing but through different methods are a pretty good bet, as they will not fight each other for ascendancy and will help each other get the job done.

Figure Out What You Can Offload

If you are going to go with multiple supplements, then figure out what you need to take in a concentrated form, and what can help you out by normal ingestion. For example, Turmeric with Ginger is something that is most effective when taken in concentrated form and with a bio-uptake catalyst… i.e. not something you are going to want to sprinkle on your cereal! Sea salt and avocado oil, though, can easily be added to your diet to give a bunch of great benefits and add to your supplement regime.

Check the Times

Timing is pretty important. If you are taking a probiotic, it’s alright if you take that with another supplement, for example,a product which provides you with omega-3 fatty acids, like fish oil. They are actually complementary, as the good bacteria (re)populating your gut will help with your absorption. On the other hand, taking those digestive enzymes at the same time as your probiotics is pretty much completely defeating the purpose of the probiotics. The enzymes will supercharge your digestion… at about the same time you are trying to get something through the stomach and to settle in the right place in the guts. Other things are better to be taken at different times of the day. It’s good if you don’t overload your system at any one time. For example, calcium and magnesium are better to be taken at night, while iron is better at lunchtime. Another example is taking calcium at the same time as an iron supplement. Calcium is a major inhibitor of iron absorption, so you should never take the two together.


Take the recommended dose for your age and weight. Never double dose if you happen to miss one, as this can have adverse effects. Also make sure, especially if you are taking something exotic, to check with your doctor to avoid any contradictions. Make sure to follow the guidelines for eating as well. If you get nauseous, for example, from taking Zinc, it means you probably didn’t take it with a proper breakfast. The food part of it is really important, as some things need the food to help set off the digestive enzymes, and others need for those enzymes to be dormant. If you are going to go with multiple supplements, you might as well do it right!

With a bit of education and a bit of consultation, you can get a supercharged supplement regime going on. Many people find it easiest to take their supplements in a concentrated soft gelcap form, thereby eliminating powders and large bins, or having to shop for a host of products all the time. It makes it easy and convenient, especially considering the hectic lives most of us lead! Get going today, and get yourself to that next level of health with a few great supplements!

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